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“Thanks again for everything last week.

It was awesome to meet and spend time together in person. The workshop was both fun and super productive – it felt great to put the teams thoughts about our work into words and start solidifying a real plan.”

– Dean’s List CEO Matt 

“Yes! Definitely helpful. I think the most important piece was that it build confidence in the team.

They speak with more confidence and feel more whole in their conversations. Specifically a few big accounts (New Sky Kids, another one we directly looked at together I am missing the name of) have been very happy with what they put together directly based on your suggestions.”

– Quinn, OutboundEngnie

“You have helped not just our team, but the company quite a bit.”

– Quinn B., Sr Manager – Customer Onboarding & Engagement at OutboundEngine

“Angela created tremendous value for FabuLingua at a critical stage for our company.

Her expertise in strategically designing and executing key marketing initiatives to create awareness and ramp up customer acquisition for FabuLingua was exactly what we needed. Angela’s clear communication and coordination of different moving parts gave our management team the space and confidence to focus on other mission critical issues. We feel fortunate to have found her when we did, and we look forward to working with her again.”

– Mark Begert, CEO and Co-Founder, FabuLingua

“The kickoff was both fun and super productive…

– it felt great to put the team’s thoughts about our work into words and start solidifying a real plan.” 

– Matt R., CEO at DeansList

“I love our business mission and vision.

You did a great job at articulating what I couldn’t.”

– Joshua J., CEO at ExpoDrone