A Peek at Our Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to get to know Arnold Marketing Consultants a bit better. As you can see, our team works with a variety of businesses and organizations. Each marketing strategy is customized to suit their individual needs. If you’re ready to see how we can help your business, schedule a chat now. 

Stopping the Spread of Misinformation: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Schools

In the late spring of 2020, Johns Hopkins University and the U.S. Department of Health collaborated to launch a plasma study of COVID-19 patients across the United States, in hopes of learning more about the disease.To recruit participants in the crucial 2-week window after infection, JHU would be running Facebook ads in major markets, with a budget of $1.2 million. It was also critical to ensure that these ads would not turn into a platform to spread misinformation.

The solution:

We created two response playbooks:

  1. When to hide comments (ie, rules about what wasn’t acceptable to have on the page)
  2. Acceptable responses for common responses or questions

The volume of comments was so massive and contentious that we set up shifts for Community Managers to monitor them 24/7.We used a mass listening tool that would enable us to review each and every comment across the 12,331 ads as soon as it came in.

Connecting with Your Audience Using Facebook Ads: humanest

A mental health start-up with big dreams to help people by making mental health care more accessible for a wider audience, entering a field where consumers have lots of fixed ideas about what mental health care looks like and who it is for. At the same time, the client suffered from an abundance of good ideas and selling points.

The Solution: Test, test, and test some more. As a start-up, our client knew that they needed to make the most efficient use of their budget to increase brand awareness and build their client base.  This meant they needed to not just assume they knew the best value proposition for their audience – they needed to have proof. 

Finding A Niche Community: FabuLingua

If you’re launching a new product, how do you know who your target customer is?

FabuLingua, a Spanish language learning app for children, was ready to launch their app to the world. The challenge: with a totally new product, knowing where to start marketing is difficult – and trying to target “parents” without narrowing the audience further was overwhelming.

The solution: 

Marketing is most effective when you have a specific audience in mind so you can address their exact problems, needs, and desires. Marketing to “all parents” is too broad and there is too much variation among parents and parenting styles. We did a brainstorming exercise with FabuLingua to determine potential narrowed target audiences, using criteria like “likeliness to try the app” and “interested in additional educational tools”. 

Building a Customer Community: Primal 7

Primal 7 is a fitness product unlike anything else on the market. It uses a customer’s bodyweight paired with adjustable support for exercise. Primal 7 makes exercise accessible to people with people with a wide range of issues that make it difficult to exercise.The CEO had a different mission in mind than just increasing sales: he wanted to make sure people actually used their Primal 7 regularly once they bought it.

The solution: 

There were two sides to our strategy: content and community. A solid content strategy can keep your customers engaged and motivated, and help solidify your relationship with them. This leads to better referral and word-of-mouth — two of the most effective methods of marketing. 

Synergy with a City: car2go

car2go is a car sharing service that operated in 14 North American cities and operates in 21 European cities, enabling anyone to rent a car right off the street, pay by the minute, park, and walk away. 

The benefit of car2go is the “free-float” model – where the customer did not have to pick up the car from, or return the car to, a set spot. They could park outside their home and end the rental.

The solution: We used every channel available to explain to customers what this would mean for them, and how it would impact their lives. We created a simple website that enabled the user to quickly and easily send an email to their specific Councilor. Plus, we put flyers in each of the car2go cars that customers were using at designated pick-up and drop-off spots, letting them know they could potentially have better options available, if they helped us speak with the Council. Here is a quick overview of the Case Study.

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