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Master Your Brand's Communication With MessageLab

Crafting the perfect message for your brand

Messaging Matters

As a business owner, you know exactly what your business does and who your ideal customers are. What you may not know is what your potential customers find most appealing about your business’ products and services

There’s nothing more frustrating than communicating the launch of an exciting new product or service, only to have it fall flat. 

In most cases, it’s not the actual product or service that isn’t resonating with your audience–it’s the messaging! That’s where MessageLab comes in.

Why waste hours (and money) conducting user surveys and market research when you can easily find customers who are interested and who self-identify? 

By communicating your brand and product with simple, powerful language, you can effectively reach the audience you want to reach, and most importantly, make sales.

What You Learn

MessageLab tests all these and gives you real data from real people:
  • Start marketing based on your assumptions, to confirm or challenge them.
  • Identify the most important secondary features to highlight in your messaging.
  • How the broad audience in your sales market responds to your messaging.
  • How niche audiences respond to your messaging, noting any differences from the broad audience.
MessageLab provides small businesses with the tools they need to stand out from the competition, strengthen your brand, and drive sales.
Take the guesswork out of crafting the perfect message for your brand. 
  1. Maximize your marketing budget
  2. Eliminate mis-targeted audiences
  3. Drive sales with MessageLab!

How Much Does MessageLab Cost?

Messaging Matters

Total Investment: $6,500, including ad spend.
Crafting the perfect message for your brand

How Does It Work?

MessageLab empowers your business to build content, landing pages, web copy, newsletters, social media, and PPC campaigns that get more clicks and conversions. The timeline spans 2 months, broken into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Define and Build (2 weeks)

We’ll have a kickoff meeting to discuss the main buyer personas, messaging angles, creative direction, and hypotheses we want to test in the market.

The Arnold Marketing Consultants team will then build out the ad messaging and visual creative, and send for approval with your team, working to ensure we get ads in-market within 2 weeks.

Phase 2: Test & Measure (4-6 weeks)

Activities: Ads will be launched to various audiences, and will continuously be updated to find the best-fit per persona.

We will report weekly to show their performance (while constantly optimizing) and surface helpful insights.

Phase 3: MessageLab Results (1 week)

Now that we know what works, Arnold Marketing Consultants will create a MessageLab document that outlines the data, our findings, and expertly copywritten messages to use across any channel, activity, or platform.

Know exactly what messages go with what customer group based on real customer data. Use this messaging in all of your marketing materials with confidence! 

Total Investment: $6,500, including ad spend.