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The Art of The Testimonial

The Art of The Testimonial
The Art Of The Testimonial

How To Craft a Testimonial

Imagine this: you’re hunting for the perfect pair of running shoes to help you crush your next marathon. You’ve scoured the internet, and read countless reviews, but you’re still unsure which brand to choose.

That is until you stumble upon a video from a fellow runner who swears by a particular brand and model, they answer the same questions you’re asking yourself and provide their honest opinion.

Suddenly the decision has become much easier… You trust that if it works for them, it will likely work for you too.

That’s the power of a testimonial in action.

A testimonial provides tangible proof that your company makes a difference in people’s lives. They bring credibility and authenticity to your brand, building customer trust and loyalty.

When crafting the perfect testimonial, there is an art to it. You don’t want generic “I love this product!” comments… you want real, emotional stories that demonstrate why your product or service goes above and beyond, and most of all explain what problem you are solving.

The power of the testimonial

Have you ever landed on a website, taken a look around, then said to yourself, “Ok, but what do you actually do?”

I see this all the time on SaaS pages. They overload their website with features, free trials, prices, and comparisons, but they seldom do a great job of telling you why exactly you should care or what the thing actually does.

This is where testimonials come in. They give customers the validation they need to take the next step. 

In fact, 77% of people who have watched a video testimonial about a product or service say that it motivated them to then purchase that product or service.

What sets a video testimonial apart is it elicits an emotional response from the viewer. It also allows them to connect with your brand on a deeper level, and envision what their life would be like if they used your product or service.

Put more simply: we connect to other people more than words on a screen.

The science of the testimonial

Are you sold on getting a few testimonials together yet?


Let’s look at the science behind crafting a great testimonial.

The most successful testimonials are ones that combine several elements, such as persuasion, storytelling, and branding. At its core, a testimonial works because it taps into our natural instinct to trust what other people are saying.

According to the principle of social proof, humans tend to look toward others’ actions and opinions when making decisions — especially when it comes to buying products and services.

How to ask for a testimonial

Asking a customer to talk about how great you are can feel a bit awkward. That’s why it’s important to ask customers who have been with your company for some time and who you’ve built a personal relationship with.

Don’t overthink it! If your customer is happy with your product or service, they’ll often be more than happy to help you out.

How to frame the testimonial

Surprise, surprise most people are not experts when it comes to hopping on camera…

That’s why you want to give your customers a framework for the testimonial so that they don’t freeze up and the process is as easy as possible.

Start by letting them know the video will take 10-15 minutes of their time.

Then provide a few simple prompts such as:

  • How did you find our business and why did you choose us?
  • What challenges were you facing before using our product/service?
  • How did those challenges impact your daily life, how did you feel?
  • How did our product/service help to solve those challenges?
  • What does it feel like now that you no longer have to worry about that challenge?
  • How does it feel to work with us and what would life be like without us?

By offering a bit of guidance, your customers will be more comfortable, natural, and confident on camera, resulting in a better-finished product.

You might notice that many of these questions are asking about how the customer feels. This is not by accident, as it gives the viewer an emotional connection to the story, allowing them to see themselves and their struggles in your customer.

Finishing Touches

Editing is where the testimonial truly comes together. You want to be sure to make the customer look their best and only use the most compelling aspects of their story.

“Framework makes the dreamwork”… or something like that.

Having a clear plan for editing the testimonial is key to making sure it connects with the viewer. With the questions we asked earlier, we can adapt the footage to one of these tried and true copywriting frameworks in order to make sure the story is engaging and makes sense.

PAS (Problem, Agitate, and Solution)

Problem: This is where the customer highlights their pain points. The one or two problems that are making their life difficult.

Agitate: Dive deeper into the pain points. Talk about all the trouble that is caused by not solving the problem.

Solution: Show how your product or service solved this issue, and highlight how the customer feels now that the problem is solved.

Before, After, Bridge (BAB)

Before: Talk about the customer’s challenge before they found your product or service.

After: Talk about how their life has improved since using it.

Bridge: This is where the customer can talk about why they chose to use your business, why they decide to trust you, and how their problem was solved.

Technical editing

If you don’t have experience editing, It’s probably best to leave it to the professionals. Paying someone to edit your video will make sure the product comes out looking its best.

An editor will be sure to edit out:

  • Ums, ahs, and other filler words
  • Out-of-context sentences or responses
  • Unflattering angles or expressions from your customer
  • Anything that doesn’t support the overall story

By making sure that every second of your customer testimonial video works together to tell a cohesive story, you create an engaging and effective customer experience that viewers can relate to.

Creating a great video testimonial is about more than just pushing the record button. It takes thoughtful planning, preparation, and editing to create a powerful video that captures your customer’s stories and highlights how much your business has helped them. 

When done correctly, it can be an incredibly effective way to demonstrate the trustworthiness of your brand and show off the incredible impact you have made on your customers’ lives.

Don’t have the time for a video testimonial?

Don’t worry! 

At AMC we have used and highly recommend mosaicmediafilms.com for remote video testimonials. They handle the whole process and make sure getting the word out about your product or services is as simple as possible.

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