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Making Mobile Marketing Meaningful

Making Mobile More Meaningful

Making Mobile Marketing Meaningful

Make the most out of your mobile marketing.  In my work, I am fortunate to work alongside some truly amazing vendors. 3Pillar, a product development company, is helping one of my clients build their web-based product in the InsurTech space (I can’t say too much more… yet!).

They put together an analysis of a large report from Comscore, a media measurement company (like Nielsen, but for digital); and I knew I wanted to share it with you all right here.

My top takeaways:

  • Test your ads, images, videos, and website primarily on mobile. That’s how your audience is viewing you!
  • Downloading apps is becoming less popular – are there ways you can launch your product or service without one?
  • Consider running video ads on platforms like YouTube and Hulu as part of your ad mix.
  • People browse on mobile, but purchase on desktop. Take advantage of this with your prospecting and retargeting ad campaigns.


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A little further dive into meaningful mobile marketing:

79% of time US citizens spend digitally is on mobile (vs desktop). This is why it’s so important to test your ad campaigns, emails, and images you create on mobile. 

If you’re not viewing the homepage of your website on mobile, you’re missing out! This is how most people get their first impression of you.

Fewer people are downloading apps than ever before – they are being concentrated in a handful of apps (think Facebook). Can your new app or site be built in mobile responsive site instead of an app?

However, with all the focus on mobile, more involved purchases and information-reading still happens on the desktop web. Travel, tech, news, sports, and financial information has lower-than-average mobile usage.

Mobile video is unsurprisingly a growing category. If you’re just running static ads on regular channels, maybe it’s time to consider YouTube or Hulu (the latter of which just launched a self-serve platform in mid-2020).

A big takeaway from 3Pillar – and one I agree with – is that small or new companies can achieve growth in comparison to the big players if they really, truly know their audience and their needs. This is why it is so critical to do proper Brand Research, and go see where your audiences are talking, and what about. They should drive your marketing strategy.

Another interesting point is transactions on mobile versus desktop. One of our favorite tactics is to do your prospecting ads on mobile and desktop, and only use retargeting ads on desktop – when they are in the “mental space” to be able to buy with minimal friction. Think about the last ten online, non-Amazon purchases you made – were they mostly on desktop or tablet?

When creating for our companies, it is important to take the time and step back. Look and consider your tactics from a consumer’s point-of-view. In doing so, you will be sure to produce content and ads appealing to your targeted audience. 

When generating digital ad copy, do you ever find yourself counting characters? Before you leave, I’ll provide you with one extra tip! Use my free CopyCount tool. Yes, it’s free – and fun. 

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