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How to Make Better LinkedIn Ads

Any business advertising on LinkedIn will find the tips from these quick critiques helpful. Whether you are using sponsored ads for brand awareness or generate leads, there are some general best practices.

If you have or are considering spending any of your marketing budget on a Sponsored LinkedIn ad, take a few minutes to review some real examples and key notes below.

Learn how to make better LinkedIn ads by learning what to do – and what not to do today. 

Worth Noting…

The headline will be automatically scraped from the page you’re linking to so make sure your meta title* looks good.

*Your meta title (aka title tag) is the text used by search engines; they are then part of your webpage’s display seen in search results. See an example from someone you know below.

The Good….

Post content (“One Straightforward…) is short and easy-to-read.

Notice the graphic is simple and in a solid color. It almost looks native in-feed.

The Bad…

Instead of showcasing the value, their logo is front and center.

The Good…

Top copy and headline at bottom are informative and concise.


The Bad…

The main graphic is slightly too busy – baseball, ad blocks, breaking news, etc. While having the logo is fine, the placement is off.  By being too prominent, it takes away from the headline.

The Good…

The image is good. However, a single headline could have been added to take away some of the whitepace (wall/ceiling area). Ex) “Your New Office.”

The Bad…

“Claim a free day coworking trial with Common Desk!” should lead that top content.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my quick critiques. For more in-depth Dos and Don’ts, you will find this article also quite useful. You will find a wonderful guide on what type(s) of graphics reach audiences best – and several more tips.

 If you are interested in additional social media content tips,  you may also want to check out our best practices. Interested in specific tips for your business? Take a minute to boost your company’s marketing today.

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